How to Clean a Wood Deck with Resist Mist

Resist Mist is an innovative new way to clean composite decks safely and efficiently. Unlike bleach, its proprietary solution is mild on deck and plants but tough on mold, algae and other stains. One application does the job for most users: a simple application of the Resist Mist Treatment can ...
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How Not to Clean Your Composite Deck?

To prolong the life of anything outdoors, cleaning at regular intervals is required. Even high-performance composite decking is not entirely “maintenance-free.” Regular cleaning will keep it looking great for as long as you own your home and then some. Although maintenance on composite decks does not require nearly as much ...
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Shortest-ever Guide to Cleaning Your Wood Deck Just in Time for Winter

Wood decks may appear to be bulletproof but they are not. They need your help in surviving the onslaught of a harsh winter’s snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. Keeping your deck clean during winter not only prolong its life but also keep your deck much easier to clean come spring ...
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How to Clean Your Composite Deck Safely and Quickly?

Composite decks have become very popular among homeowners because they are stronger, last longer and require much less maintenance than wooden decks. They can take on the chill of winter, the heat of summer and everything in between without the need for constant repair. However, even composite decks need to ...
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Composite Deck Cleaner

Which is the Best Composite Deck Cleaner: Bleach, Pressure Washer, or Resist Mist?

Composite decks are awesome. They are sturdy, demand little maintenance, last for years, and usually require less maintenance than maintenance intensive wooden decks. Plastics and wood fibers are the main materials used in their production. These raw materials are high tech, durable and strong. Termites cannot destroy composite decking, there ...
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