4 Ways to Keep Your Composite Deck Clean During Winter

When it comes to maintaining your home in the winter, landscaping is the first thing that comes to the mind. Nearly all of us think of trimming, pruning and other tasks. Only a realize how important it is to keep your deck clean. It is a pity. Keeping your composite ...
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How Exactly Does Resist Mist Remove Stains from Concrete?

A short answer is emulsification. Now, let’s dive into a long explanation. I will start with how most cleaners remove stains from concrete. This information will come handy when I will return to Resist Mist later in the blog. How do most cleaners remove stains from concrete? Nearly every stain ...
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3 Reasons to Clean Your Composite Deck Regularly

Just as you shower every day to keep you fresh and hygienic, your composite deck needs periodic cleaning to stay in good shape. Your decks bear a lot. Dirt, pollen, rotten leaves, broken branches, spilled wine, kids dropping their donuts and more. If you do not remove that dirty stuff ...
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Zen and the Art of Composite Deck Cleaning

No one should think of composite deck cleaning as a chore. It can be a form of meditation and that can turn you into a prosperous, healthy and happy person. Don't believe me? Read these four ways cleaning your deck will change your life. 1. Prosperity, or its absence, is ...
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Four Killer Tips to Keep Your Deck Always Clean

Congratulations! You have cleaned your deck for Thanksgiving or prepared it for winter. Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! But have you given a thought to what will happen to your composite decking once the harshness of winter takes over? What steps you should take to keep your decking clean ...
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