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Time for the big graduation party on your beautiful wood deck. The long winter is finally over, your son or daughter is graduating and its time open the deck. Then Ouch! Algae growing on the deck, stains from last year’s parties show up and the birds decided your deck was their bathroom. This is going to take forever to clean. Surely there is something that can easily clean this mess AND keep this from happening next years. Right? Yes!
The Problem: Algae, Mold, Mildew and even bird droppings are staining your wood deck. What this means more work and fewer Margaritas.
The Challenge: How to easily clean algae, mildew, mold and bird droppings off of your wooden deck. You know bleach might work, but you are an educated consumer and have read all over the internet how bad bleach is for your deck and for the environment. In fact, using it could actually accelerate wood rot on your deck. Maybe you even used bleach before you knew how bad it was and now the problem has worsened. You feel helpless. So how do you clean and protect your wood deck; and without using bleach? And, how do you keep the stains from coming back in 6 months or a year?
The Solution: The Resist Mist™ Kit. Consumers love it.

The Resist Mist™ kit will clean your Ipe, Pine or any wooden deck, remove biological growth stains, help protect your deck from mildew, algae, mold, and most stains for years with an incredibly simple application. The Kit contains two products that are both environmentally friendly and incredibly powerful. The first product is the Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner™ developed specifically for your composite and wooden decking. It contains powerful surfactants that penetrate the surface of the deck allowing its biodegradable chemistry to lift and remove mildew, mold, grease and dirt and many other stains. Wow. What a difference. But then…… real science happens. Resist Mist™. Resist Mist™ is a water-based, environmentally friendly wooden deck protectant that uses our Micro Encapsulation Technology™ to form an invisible shield. That shield creates an inhospitable environment for biological growth. It also helps make bird droppings, grease from the grill food stains much easier to clean. It must be difficult to apply, right? Absolutely not! Pour the Resist Mist in a pump sprayer, dilute it with water and apply to your clean deck. Done! And the best news of all is that Resist Mist™ can last up to 3 full seasons. That translates into LESS WORK AND MORE MARGARITAS!

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