Fence Stain Cleaner

Fence Stain Remover
So you installed a beautiful new fence a few years ago. Now you notice there are green algae growing on it.
The Problem: Your fencing has algae growing on it or it’s a little faded or weathered.
The Challenge: How can I easily eliminate the algae stains, keep it from coming back and bring back the color and luster of my fence without spending days working on it or thousands of dollars? Simple, a Resist Mist™ kit.
The Solution: A Resist Mist™ Kit. Eliminate algae stains and keep them from coming back for years.

The Resist Mist™ kit will remove most stains including mildew, mold, and algae. The kit contains two incredibly powerful products. Both are both environmentally friendly and really easy to use. First, Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner™. We developed this cleaner as the best composite deck, fence (PVC or Composite) and wood fence cleaner on the market. Its powerful surfactants dig deep below the surface allowing its biodegradable chemistry to lift and remove most stains including algae, most grass stains, bird droppings and most other stains Mother Nature can throw at a fence. Wow. What a difference. But, then real science happens. Resist Mist™. Applied by you with a simple spray bottle or pump sprayer and wiped off with a microfiber cloth. Resist Mist™ is a water-based, environmentally protectant that uses our Molecular Barrier Technology™ to form an invisible shield. That shield creates a barrier between new potential stains and your deck. Is it a coating that has to be stripped a few years after I apply it. NO! You will never have to strip it. In fact, once it’s dried you will not even know it’s on your fence. Except of course that you notice no algae is growing on your fence and staining it.

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