Composite Docks Cleaner

Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner,

Resist Mist Stains. We all hate them. Especially on our composite docks. You are outside; enjoying the first days of spring, walk down to your dock to fish or maybe put the boat in the water after a long winter and all you can focus on are stains. Bird droppings, black spots, mildew and maybe even some algae. How do I remove stains off of my composite docks?
The Problem: My dock needs cleaning but I don’t want to spend all day doing it. How can I easily remove stains from my dock?
The Challenge: : How to clean stains off of your composite dock without using harsh chemicals like bleach. You know bleach might work. But you also know from reading the problems other composite decks/dock owners have is that bleach can ruin your composite dock. So how do you remove the stains and protect your deck?
The Solution: The Resist Mist™ Kit. Composite deck manufacturers recommend it and consumers love it.

The Resist Mist™ kit will remove most stains including mildew, mold, and algae. The kit contains two incredibly powerful products. Both are both environmentally friendly and really easy to use. First, Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner™. We developed this cleaner as the best composite deck cleaner on the market. Its powerful surfactants dig deep below the surface of your composite deck/dock allowing its biodegradable chemistry to lift and remove most stains including suntan lotion, bug spray, rust, mildew, mold, and many other stains. Wow. What a difference. But, then real science happens. Resist Mist™. Applied by you with a simple pump sprayer. Resist Mist™ is a water-based, environmentally protectant that uses our Molecular Barrier Technology™ to form an invisible shield. That shield creates a barrier between new potential stains and your deck. Sounds good but it has to be hard to apply, right? NO! Simply put it in a pump sprayer, dilute it with water and apply it to your clean composite deck. That’s it. And the best news of all is that Resist Mist™ can last up to 3 full seasons. That translates into less maintenance and more margaritas!

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